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Lightings that tug at one’s heartstrings may not be deliberately made up, yet a desirable lighting design can doubtlessly be presented through fine thoughts

Lighting lives up buildings and the world. Buildings not accompanied by lighting will be visually unpleasant regardless of how magnificent they may look like.

If you are here hoping to offer something pleasant for the interior of you building or home, we at City SME Sdn. Bhd. (the company) can confidently reassure you that you have found your best lighting contractor – not for other reasons but simply because we have the best among the best to help fulfil your lighting needs.

Founded in the year 2007, the company specializes in Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting-related projects. The company has been dealing with interior lighting projects for commercial as well as residential purposes, in which its detailed and dedicated workmanship has won many customers’ trust.

Realising the fact that the design and installation of LED lighting is a new and emerging industry, coupled with the growing demand from the market towards refined modern architecture and interior design, the company decided in the year 2009 to come out with its very own brand “MYCITY LED OR”. The brand has been officially registered.

To date, the company has successfully developed a series of products for MYCITY LED, all of which are highly compatible with commonly seen buildings, not to say their interior. These products include but not limited to plaster lamps, Sport lighting, hidden lighting for kitchen cabinets. Other series are also readily available, specially tailored for the needs of the company’s customers.

In addition to its lighting service which comes in packages, the company also at the same time provides a wide variety of customised LED designs exclusively for its customers, considering that some of the customers view lighting design from their very unique aesthetics perspective. Apart from that, certain lightings should also be customised in order to fulfil occasional extraordinary environmental needs.

In all, there is no way a customer will not feel at ease in the projects entrusted to the company.

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The Perfect 10 of MYCiTY LED

Our aim to provide the greenest technology to reduce the carbon footprint thought latest technology in lighting solution.


Quality is our first priority in our product that complies
with our customer demand throught innovative robust
design and continous quality improvement.